news-mic復習の穴埋めテストをやってみましょう。空欄部分にそれぞれの頭文字で始まる適当な単語を埋めてください。 最初の2文字または1文字のみ示しています。


1. Rescue work continues after flooding

Search and rescue operations continued over the weekend for people still 1(mi   ) following 2(to    ) rain and flooding in eastern Japan.

意味 : 1. 行方不明の  2. 土砂降りの

答え : 1. missing  2. torrential

2. Protesters rally against security bills

More than 10,000 people 1(ga    ) in front of the Diet building in Tokyo on Monday to protest national security bills that the Prime Minister aims to 2(en  ) this week.

意味 : 1. 集まった  2. 制定する

答え : 1. gathered  2. enact

3. Japan’s historic victory stuns Rugby World Cup

Japan scored a last minute try to seal a come-from-behind victory over 1(mi   ) South Africa on Saturday, pulling off the biggest 2(u  ) in Rugby World Cup history.

意味 : 1. 強豪の  2. 番狂わせ

答え : 1. mighty  2. upset

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