News-icon-coffee復習の穴埋めテストをやってみましょう。空欄部分にそれぞれの頭文字で始まる適当な単語を埋めてください。 最初の2文字または1文字のみ示しています。


1. South Korean Go champion scores 1st win over Google’s software

One of the world’s top players of the game Go from South Korea scored his first win over Google’s computer program on Sunday after three 1(st   )losses in the 2(an   ) Chinese board game.

意味 : 1. 連続の  2. 古来の

答え : 1. straight  2. ancient

2. Suspect admits to killing troupe member

A 37-year-old man under arrest in the death of a female member of an acting troupe in Tokyo last August 1(re    ) his statement on Sunday, 2(co    )ing to murdering her, according to sources.

意味 : 1. 覆した  2. 告白する

答え : 1. reversed  2. confess

3. More baseball clubs admit to player cash exchanges

In Japan’s professional baseball, a majority of clubs have admitted to the 1(pr    ) of players paying cash after a victory to a teammate who gave a 2(pr     ) pep talk.

意味 : 1. 慣行  2. 試合前の

答え : 1. practice  2. pre-game

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