Mimetypes-message復習の穴埋めテストをやってみましょう。空欄部分にそれぞれの頭文字で始まる適当な単語を埋めてください。 最初の2文字または1文字のみ示しています。


1. Prince William starts first Japan tour

Prince William, the second-in-line to the British 1(th    ), kicked off his first 2(of    ) tour across Japan after being welcomed by a crowd of fans and journalists at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Thursday.

意味 : 1. 王位  2. 公式の

答え : 1. throne  2. official

2. Kawasaki murder raises questions over Juvenile Law

The 1(he    ) murder of a 13-year-old boy in Kawasaki is fueling debate on a revision of the Juvenile Law, which bans the 2(di     ) of the real name or mug shot of a minor.

意味 : 1. 凶悪な  2. 公開

答え : 1. heinous  2. disclosure

3. Gunma hospital accused of liver surgery deaths

Following the deaths of patients after liver surgery at Gunma University Hospital, lawyers for bereaved families said on Friday that they may 1(lo  ) a criminal 2(co    ) against the operating surgeon.

意味 : 1. 申し立てる  2. 告訴

答え : 1. lodge  2. complaint

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