Newspapers-2-icon復習の穴埋めテストをやってみましょう。空欄部分にそれぞれの頭文字で始まる適当な単語を埋めてください。 最初の2文字または1文字のみ示しています。


1. Ukraine ceasefire goes into effect at midnight

1(Sh    ) in eastern Ukraine has subsided since a European-brokered ceasefire between government forces and pro-Russian 2(se     )s went into effect at midnight on Saturday.

意味 : 1. 砲撃  2. 分離独立派

答え : 1. Shelling  2. separatist

2. Poll shows 52% support same-sex partnership

A poll by a major Japanese newspaper showed that 52% of those surveyed support a plan by a 1(w  ) in Tokyo to issue partnership 2(ce     )s to gay couples, compared to 27% who disagree.

意味 : 1. 区  2. 証明書

答え : 1. ward  2. certificate

3. Tourists 1(fl  ) to Japan during Chinese New Year

Department stores and other 2(ou   )s across Japan have been beefing up their service for big-spending visitors during the Chinese New Year holidays with eased visa conditions and a weaker yen.

意味 : 1. 殺到する  2. 店舗

答え : 1. flock  2. outlet

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