News-icon-coffee復習の穴埋めテストをやってみましょう。空欄部分にそれぞれの頭文字で始まる適当な単語を埋めてください。 最初の2文字または1文字のみ示しています。


1. Japan short of butter as Christmas approaches

Japan is 1(su    ) from a serious butter shortage nationwide, raising concerns among 2(co    )s that they will have to spend Christmas without cream and strawberry sponge cakes.

意味 : 1. 悩んでいる  2. 消費者

答え : 1. suffering  2. consumer

2. Japan launches Hayabusa 2 space probe

Japan’s space agency 1(su     ) launched a rocket carrying the Hayabusa 2 probe on Wednesday on a mission to travel to a distant 2(as    ) to collect surface samples.

意味 : 1. 成功して  2. 小惑星

答え : 1. successfully  2. asteroid

3. Cyanide found in “Black Widow” pot plants

Japanese police 1(in    ) a 68-year-old woman suspected of killing six partners have found 2(tr   )s of cyanide in soil from her pot plants.

意味 : 1. 捜査中の  2. 痕跡

答え : 1. investigating  2. trace

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