WBCの熱狂は日本だけ? デーブ・スペクターが「アメリカで話題になってない」とツッコミで波紋







“Translate the following Japanese article into a C1 level English article of about 300 words.”



WBC Fervor Grips Japan, But America Remains Uninterested

The World Baseball Classic (WBC), the global championship for baseball, has become a sensation in Japan, with Japanese fans eagerly following the Samurai Japan team’s games. The WBC has been gaining massive viewership in Japan, particularly due to the performances of players like Shohei Ohtani and Lars Nootbaar. However, it seems that Japan might be the only country fully embracing the tournament, with the United States reportedly showing little interest in the event.

In Japan, terrestrial broadcasts of Samurai Japan’s games have consistently recorded over 40% viewership, with the WBC quarterfinal match between Japan and Italy achieving a record-breaking 48.0% average household viewership. This enthusiasm has led to numerous information programs and talk shows in Japan focusing on the WBC. Ryunosuke Endo, the president of the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association, is pleased with the event’s popularity and its positive impact on television ratings.

Dave Spector, a television director, provided a contrasting perspective on the WBC’s popularity in the United States during an appearance on a Japanese talk show. According to Spector, the WBC is not a hot topic in America, where sports bars rarely show the games on their screens. Instead, the country is currently more focused on college basketball, with the national championship tournament beginning in March.

In the US, baseball discussions on television mostly revolve around Major League Baseball’s spring training camps. Furthermore, as a multicultural country, the United States generally shows little interest in international competitions. While Dave Spector suggested that the purpose of the WBC is to promote baseball outside of America, the popularity of the tournament in the US remains low.

The American team’s opening game against the United Kingdom had an average viewership rating of 0.8% and 1.48 million viewers. Although this figure was more than three times higher than the 2017 tournament’s opening game, viewership numbers for subsequent games have halved. Moreover, some in the US argue that the WBC is meaningless and should be discontinued.

This sentiment was reinforced by an incident during a WBC game between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, in which Major League player Edwin Diaz was injured during celebrations. Diaz, who had just signed a record-breaking $120 million contract for a relief pitcher, was diagnosed with a torn patellar tendon and is expected to miss the entire season.

Debate has erupted among American baseball media and fans, with some questioning the need for the high-risk tournament just before the MLB season, while others argue that injuries can occur in any competition. Although interest in the WBC may be lacking in the United States, other countries, such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, have shown great enthusiasm for the event. It remains to be seen whether interest in the WBC will grow in the US, especially if the championship match ends up being between Japan and the United States.

–Questions for Discussion –



Create five simple questions that ask the learner’s personal experiences and impressions about the English article above.




Provide two example answers to each of the above questions within 50 words in B1 level English. Each sentence should be no more than 15 words.




設問1. How do you feel about the popularity of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in Japan compared to the United States?


Example 1: I think it’s interesting how popular the WBC is in Japan, while the US doesn’t seem to care.

Example 2: It’s surprising to see the cultural differences in how Japan and the US view the WBC.

設問2. In your opinion, why is the WBC not gaining much attention in the United States?


Example 1: The US might not be interested in the WBC because they focus more on their own sports leagues.

Example 2: Americans probably don’t pay attention to the WBC because they are more into college basketball at that time.

設問3. How important do you think international sports competitions are for promoting unity and interest in sports?


Example 1: International sports competitions can bring people together and create a sense of unity.

Example 2: Such competitions can be important for promoting sports and increasing global interest in them.

設問4. Do you agree with the arguments against the WBC, such as the risk of injury before the MLB season? Why or why not?


Example 1: I agree that the risk of injury is a valid concern for the WBC, especially before the MLB season.

Example 2: I don’t agree because injuries can happen in any competition, and the WBC promotes baseball globally.

設問5. Have you ever watched a WBC game? If so, what was your impression of the event?


Example 1: Yes, I watched a WBC game once, and I thought it was exciting and showcased international talent.

Example 2: I haven’t watched a WBC game, but I imagine it would be entertaining and showcase different baseball styles.













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